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School Closure & E-Safety

Due to the increased amount of time that will be spent online learning as the school is closed to the majority of our learners, please use the links below to access information regarding online safety:

At Brandwood School we believe that all learners have the right to access safe and reliable information (Article 17 UNCRC) therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that learners develop the knowledge and understanding to do so safely.  The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world.  Internet development is constantly evolving into ever more innovative areas with many websites enabling amazing creativity and interaction between peers.  At Brandwood we encourage our learners to take full advantage of the internet in and out of school.  This brings with it the need to ensure that learners are safe online.

Our E-Safety Charters

In order to ensure our learners are safe online, an E-safety charter has been developed and signed by all learners, parents and carers.  This makes learners aware of online dangers and how to ensure they protect themselves and others whilst online. All learners are taught how to search the internet safely and what to do if they are redirected to a site which is not appropriate or they had not requested to visit.

Please take the time to read the E-safety charter with your child. 

Computing Lessons

All year groups at Brandwood are taught Computing skills during Computing Lessons in The Orchard Learning Centre and are provided with opportunities to apply these skills safely throughout the week in class due to our excellent ICT provision.  The children are taught to use a range of different devices such as iPads, laptops, and iMacs.

At the start of each year, all classes learn about E-Safety and share the E-Safety charter and class expectations.  As they progress, they are taught how to use e-mail and what to do if they are witness to something online which makes them feel uncomfortable.

You can support the school by allowing your child access to the following websites to encourage them to use the internet safely.

Parents and carers may also wish to access the home section of the Bolton Online Safety Blog for up to date information about E-safety.

Bolton Online Safety Blog for parents and carers

Link to Momo Challenge Information for parents and carers

Link to Tik Tok Information for parents and carers

Link to YouTube Information for parents and carers