Brandwood Primary

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Life at Brandwood Primary

"This is a good school with outstanding features" Ofsted 2008

Ethos and Values Statement


Our school ethos is welcoming, caring and harmonious.  It is built on the firm belief that all learners can succeed and their achievements and individual talents must be nurtured, developed and celebrated throughout their school career.  It is our ambition, in partnership with our whole school community, to continually and actively promote our vision of an inclusive, vibrant, learning community that values diversity and challenges any kind of discrimination.

 Following recent consultation with our school community together we decided that our shared values are:


  • ·            Care and compassion
  • ·            Diversity and multiculturalism
  • ·            Personal development
  • ·            Respect for everyone
  • ·            Enthusiasm for learning
  • ·            Feeling safe and secure
  • ·            High standards and expectations
  • ·            Effective home-school relationships
  • ·            High quality learning opportunities
  • ·            Collaborative learning
  • ·            Professional, collegial support
  • ·            Our sense of belonging