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School Closure - Guidance & Support Information

During this difficult time, when our school is closed to the majority of our learners, we continue to be fully committed to providing differentiated, high quality remote home learning for all. Class teachers, supported by some of our teaching assistant team, will be delivering daily ‘live’ lessons for every year group that include feedback and marking sessions, following independent task time. This offer will be available to all learners in all year groups via our chosen interactive teaching and learning platform ‘Microsoft Teams’ so that our remote provision continues to meet the needs of each class as much as possible. Spending some time with their class teacher and their peers ‘virtually’ will also help your child feel connected to school life and enable them to maintain a routine to their day. The work packs, posted out to all families on a weekly basis, will contain everything your child needs to complete the tasks set in each lesson, alongside the resource packs provided at the start of term.

We appreciate and are aware that for some families this ‘live’ teaching remote learning offer may not always meet the demands of family life, with some parents and carers having to work from home or siblings needing to access their ‘live’ lessons at the same time. One solution to this is the use of headphones (to create a quiet space) available on loan from school if needed. If your child if eligible for free school meals we can complete an application for a free device from the government scheme for each child in every family in Y3-6 on your behalf. We also have a device loan service for families who are not eligible but require support. However,  this is dependent on resources available and currently most of our devices are on loan.  We are sourcing additional IT devices to extend this provision further so will add any new requests to our current waiting list. If you have an IT device request, issues with loaned devices or missing password information etc. please ring our IT support helpline on 07576796502 or email on: and we will respond as soon as possible.

As an alternative to ‘live lessons’ (for those who cannot access the Microsoft Teams lessons at the times on the timetable) there are daily lesson links on each year group page under the remote home learning tab on the school website. This has been set up so that your child can watch a recorded teaching video to support them to complete their daily set tasks in their work pack at a time convenient to your family and free up devices to be used by siblings, if necessary.

In each work pack there is also a homework activity sheet, which details the work your child needs to complete independently for half a day a week. The class teacher or teaching assistant will explain the tasks set to their class or group so they can do so as independently as possible. Please also see the homework tab on the school website for your child's homework activity sheet if necessary.

The results of weekly maths and spelling tests, set as part of the weekly homework activity sheet, will be sent to parents and carers by text and confirmation or otherwise of the completion of reading tasks on bug club or reading plus will also be shared via text messages home. Celebration postcards will be sent home every week to those who have been chosen by the class teacher or teaching assistant as making the most effort in lessons, when completing independent tasks and with their homework. 

Careful attendance records will be kept of all those attending every live teaching session on a daily basis and as soon as the introductory part of the lesson finishes, and class teachers are satisfied their online class are settled to completing their task, they will ring the parents or carers of those not in attendance to ascertain why and provide support if necessary

Due to the increased amount of time that will be spent online learning as the school is closed to the majority of our learners, please use the links below to access information regarding online safety:

Further links can be found in the E-Safety section of our school website 

If your child has additional needs or an EHCP their provision will be individualised and delivered either virtually or in school. The SENDCo, Mrs Cameron, will make weekly contact with these families to provide an opportunity to raise any concerns and share successes.

If you would like to read the full detail of our remote home learning offer for all learners, please click on the link below:

All of our staff are working tremendously hard in really challenging circumstances, not least the team who are providing front line support for the children of critical workers and those in a ‘vulnerable’ group (as defined by the government) in school every day:

These small groups of learners are supervised by our teaching assistant team and EYFS staff to access exactly the same remote learning offer as their peers but in the school. Please see the link below to read a letter from the Local Authority Director of Children’s Services with regards to attending school: 

The work that is undertaken every day to ensure all our protective and preventative safety measures are in place is extensive and my sincere thanks goes to our staff team who serve our school community with resilience, cheerfulness and determination to ensure we can provide a secure and happy environment despite all that is happening around us.

We really do understand and appreciate the pressure you and your family may be under at this time so please support your child just when you are able to and let school know if there are any issues with the work set, for whatever reason, during the fortnightly pastoral phone calls or via the office email on:

Please ensure you follow the local restrictions: to stay as safe as you can and we look forward to a time when we can all be together again. Until then, we must remain supportive of each other whilst apart and continue to work together to achieve all we can for the children in our care. As always, we really appreciate your patience, kindness and steadfast support.

Take care,

Mrs Holmes (Head Teacher)