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Wellbeing News

National Walking Month

This May is National Walking Month - Walking has so many benefits for our physical and mental health as well as looking after the world around us (which makes us feel good too!). Find out more details and about how you can get involved here

Wellbeing Poetry Workshop

We really enjoyed the virtual visits from two award award winning poets (Joshua Seigal and James Carter) and produced some brilliant poetry exploring our different emotions and ways we can look after our wellbeing.

Read some of our poems about emotions:

Musa 1P

Hadiya 1P

Sofia 1P

Omar 1F

Hamilah 1F

Ahmad 2W

Aminah P 2W

Aisha 2C

Zaina 2C

Zain 3H

Bilal 3Y

Khadeejah 3Y

Aqsa 4C

Alisha 4C

Kenzie 4B

Samuele 4B


After hearing about our progress towards the Rights Respecting Award we were also inspired to write poems based on some of our important rights, like our right to relax and play (Article 31) and the right to be supported (article 27). Both of these are really important aspects of looking after our wellbeing too! 

Read some of Year 3's poems on the right to relax and play:

Hafsah 3H

Saulius 3H

Ibrahim H 3H

Read some of Year 5 and 6's poems on the right to be supported:

Sahil 5W

Yunis 5W

Francesca 5W

Fatima P 5M

Khadijah 5M

Sarah 5M

Adam 6S

Aisha 6S

Ameerah 6S

Guled 6S

Class Poem 6L